Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dungeon & Treasures UPdate Cont.!

Hello Here are the UPDATED stats for March!

Last adventure 39 Baron 1 430 361 GOLD 4.563 US$
Evil Snowman 55 Baron 965 390 GOLD 3.08 US$
Evil Snowman Begins 57 Knight 538 416 GOLD 1.561 US$
Merry Christmas 08 33 Knight 124 478 GOLD 0.355 US$

As you can see I have already earned over $9.00 USD! I have not spent a single DIME of my own money! I started with nothing and raised my rank with just my earnings! PLAY FOR FREE! JOIN FOR FREE! EARN FOR FREE! HAVE SOME FUN FOR FREE!!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Continue: Earn FREE Money!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY I Have Your ATTENTION PLEASE READ to make money!!!!!!!!!!!!

This program is NOT MLM or Paid to Click or view ADS, in Fact you will not Even see any

ADS to EARN Money!

All you have to do is sign-up and Play a game. The Game is to Explore Dungeons and Slay

Monsters. We gamers call this a RPG (Role-Playing Game)! As you explore the Dungeons you

will find GOLD Pieses, weapons and Keys! Oh yes! before I forget you will find MONSTERS!

Kill the monsters and earn Experiance points! The more exp. you earn the higher your level

becomes, the higher your level the MORE GOLD you find. Or you can capture the monsters and

sell them at the Monsters Shop for gold, but you need a good strong net. NOW for the GOOD

PART! At the end of an Adventure which is at the end of the month! All stats are reset to

the beginng and ALL GOLD PIECES ARE CONVERTED TO $USD$! So the more gold you get the higher

the CASH, MOOLA, DENERO, KA-CHING! CASH $$$ you get! $10.00 payout through Moneybookers,

and check or redeem for higher ranking. Here are my stats for a few months that I have been playing:

Adventure Level Rank Gold Conversion
Last adventure 39 Baron 1,430,361 GOLD In process...
Evil Snowman 55 Baron 965,390 GOLD 3.08 US$
Evil Snowman Begins 57 Knight 538,416 GOLD 1.561 US$
Merry Christmas 08 33 Knight 124,478 GOLD 0.355 US$

Total players : 3946, Paypal payouts coming SOON!

Just click the link and CHECK IT OUT! After joining and you need help send me an email to put "Dungeon help" in subject. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ME!