Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dungeon & Treasures News Update

I have had my Gold converted to cash again for the last adventure. They have finally added Paypal as a method of payment in order to buy the DT Codes, But they are still working to get Paypal as a payout method. I have earned a total of $13.891 USD! I have not used any of my own money for the UP grades. It is still FREE to join and FREE to Play. I will admit that the sight is a little confusing at first but if you sign up and go to the First Step link it will help a great deal plus I will help you if you need it. So join now and start earning NOW! Click Here!

Iliath Fishs 39 Viscount 1 444 087 GOLD 4.332 US$
Spring in the Kingdom 39 Baron 1 430 361 GOLD 4.563 US$
Evil Snowman 55 Baron 965 390 GOLD 3.08 US$
Evil Snowman Begins 57 Knight 538 416 GOLD 1.561 US$
Merry Christmas 08 33 Knight 124 478 GOLD 0.355 US$