Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to get Your Widget on this Blog and get seen by 1000's!

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all are having a great Holiday Season so far and if not Oh well it could be much, much worse.

First of all, let me explain a little about Widget Advertising!

Warloc, what the heck is a Widget?

Well, a Widget is basically a small Banner ad (usually about 100x100 pic's) with the link URL in the graphic.

Why the HECK would I want a Widget?

A lot of companies and online programs are starting to change their banner ads from the basic 460 x 60 banners to the smaller 100 x 1oo widget banner. The main reasons are cost & space!
Cost: Widgets are usually costs 50% less to advertise than the more bulky banner ads.
Space: Widgets take up a whole lot less space than the more bulky banner ads.

For Example:

This is a Widget.

This is a Banner:

As you can see by my examples the Widget is a more cost effective way to get your product out to the public as a whole!

If you are interested in placing a Widget on this Blog or just need more information about Widgets send an email to with the Subject Line: "Widget Ads on Blog" or Post a comment and ask! But be sure to let me know how to get back in touch with you!

Oh yes! Before I forget! I am a member of over 100 Paid to read and Paid to click sites and I will be spending a lot of advertising for this Blog! Most of the ads I send are Unique clicks. This means that each member can only click on an advertised link only once every 24 hours! So get your Widgets seen by thousands of potential sales prospects! Also if you don't have a Widget for your site I can make one for you for a small fee.

The Warloc

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