Saturday, December 27, 2008

This One is Pretty FUN!!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have found something interesting!

It is an RPG game that "Pays you to Play the game!"
It is in BETA MODE that just means that it is in pre-launch.
So far, it is pretty FUN and different. There are several contests going on right now while in beta testing mode.
While exploring DUNGEONS you find Monsters to kill.
There are also various types of TREASURE.
There are Potions to help you through out your game play.
There are Shops to buy Weapons and Armors to help you. There are also Shops that sell Spells and Potions to help with Defense and Attack.
But, the most important Treasure is "GOLD!" The amounts are various through out the various dungeons!
You also Earn Gold for recruiting other people to play the game 3 levels deep!
You gain GOLD, the more Gold the better because at the end of the month the GOLD is EXCHANGED for CASH!
Good old American U.S. Dollars and Cents!
Then once you have accumulated $10.00 U.S. you can collect it via MoneyBookers (Paypal coming soon)

I have only been playing for less than a month and don't know as of yet what the exchange rate for the gold is at the presant but I will keep you posted. It is FREE to Join and Play! There are only a little more than 1000 players at this point. So if you would like to check it out for your self and get the Gold flowing just Click on the Banner and Join and Play FREE!

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